e are two couples, Patrick and Eliana, Phiyl and Alejandra, a French, a Swiss, and two Argentinian women. We share the same passion for Buenos Aires, the city of our dreams come true.

Patrick has lived in Latin America for the last 30 years, 14 of which in Argentina. He has been a representative of various international companies and knows the market. He is a skilled negotiator. Same thing for Phiyl, a graduate in Political Science at the Geneva University. Both, with their wives, have performed several real estate operations in Buenos Aires.

Alejandra is a demanding lawyer well versed in real estate matters. Eliana is a business administrator and consultant in air transport matters. For 20 years she worked for IATA and managed the billing and settlement plan that administers airline remittances for millions of dollars.

Whichever our qualifications, we are above all, a team with only one objective, to make you close the best deal possible if you intend to buy a property in Buenos Aires and prevent you from having any problem or inconvenience if you already own a property.

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