A good investment is an investment that will allow you to  sell at a good price and quickly. Thus, your selection criteria may not be adequate to close a profitable operation in Buenos Aires. The real estate agencies know it and often take advantage of this lack of  knowledge to sell you the apartment of your dreams but which may not correspond with those  of your future potential buyers.

The administrative chores, as simple as they may seem, are often long and tedious. The local laws are not the same as your country’s. Good notary publics are not always easy to find. Our presence is indispensable to facilitate these steps without forgetting the difficulties that you may encounter when transferring funds. Our assistance in this matter may also help you save time and money.

We offer to negotiate with you all prices including the price of what you may buy and the commissions paid to the intermediaries. We also offer to accompany you should you need to furnish and equip your new home.

We work based on fees. If  you consider that you need to contact us, please send us your email address to send you our rates and more specific documentation on our services.

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