uenos Aires is no doubt the most beautiful city in Latin America. Some people call it the Paris of South America. Anyway, it is certainly a very pleasant city to live in. With an intense cultural life, restaurants open until very late hours, with the Tango and the exceptional meat, there is no time to get bored.

These are some of the reasons why a large number of foreigners buy real estate in Buenos Aires, either they come regularly or they choose to live permanently. Others are attracted by the possibility of investing.  This is certainly  logical since it is one of the rare capitals that is still affordable with respect to the price per sq meter.

Nevertheless, it is important to know how to buy and to find what is really convenient.

We are not a real estate agency. We do not charge a commission from  people who sell.  Our services consist in accompanying you and giving you advise in order to prevent  you from falling in the natural and unfortunately frequent traps of this kind of operation.  To choose a house or an apartment located in the most convenient neighborhood  are tasks that imply a profound knowledge of the city and of the local market.

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